package extractor

Provides a feature extraction type system that supports concatenation of feature extraction functions in a logically constant and type safe manner. Extraction functions are represented by instances of Extractor.

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Type Members

  1. sealed class ConcatFS extends FeatureSeq

    Subclass of FeatureSeq representing the concatenation of two feature sequences.

  2. case class Extractor[D](width: Int, function: (D) ⇒ FeatureSeq, names: InvertibleIndexFunction[String], categoryInfo: IndexFunction[Int]) extends (D) ⇒ FeatureSeq with Serializable with Product

    A Scala Function from a domain type D, to a FeatureSeq, extended with a monoidal concatenation operator Extractor!.++.

  3. abstract class FeatureSeq extends Seq[Double] with Serializable

    An immutable sequence of Double values representing feature vectors extracted by an Extractor.

  4. sealed class SeqFS extends FeatureSeq

    Subclass of FeatureSeq representing a single Scala Seq object.

Value Members

  1. object Extractor extends Serializable

    Factory methods for creating various flavors of feature Extractor.

  2. object FeatureSeq extends Serializable

    Provides factory methods for FeatureSeq instances.

  3. package breeze

    Provides conversions from Breeze vectors to FeatureSeq, and vice versa.

  4. package spark

    Provides conversions from Spark vectors to FeatureSeq, and vice versa.

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