package indexfunction

Provides IndexFunction and InvertibleIndexFunction, specialized subclasses of Scala functions Int => V that map integers over an interval to some value type, and which may be concatenated with monoidal operator ++, defined as follows:

(f1 ++ f2)(j) = if (j < f1.width) f1(j) else f2(j - f1.width)
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Type Members

  1. abstract class IndexFunction[V] extends PartialFunction[Int, V] with Serializable

    An index function is a (partial) function from some subset of collection indices to some values, and which can be concatenated with other such functions such that they now cover an expanded index range, and the "right" side function has had its domain shifted.

  2. abstract class InverseIndexFunction[V] extends PartialFunction[V, Int] with Serializable

    The inverse of an InvertibleIndexFunction.

  3. abstract class InvertibleIndexFunction[V] extends IndexFunction[V]

    An IndexFunction that is also invertible (and so 1-1).

Value Members

  1. object IndexFunction extends Serializable

    Factory methods for generating index functions

  2. object InvertibleIndexFunction extends Serializable

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