package util

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Type Members

  1. case class DateTimeUTC(year: Int, month: Int, day: Int, hour: Int, minute: Int, second: Int, millis: Int = 0) extends Product with Serializable

    A simple structure representing a calendar date in UTC.

  2. trait Logging extends AnyRef

  3. final class OptionalArg[A] extends AnyVal

    Provides idiomatic optional parameter values on top of Option, but which can be passed in as raw values, instead of having to pass in Some(value)

  4. sealed class SampleSink extends Serializable

    On-line mean and variance estimates for a stream of Double values.

  5. trait TimeLens extends AnyRef

    A function object to convert to and from times in some particular string format

Value Members

  1. object AWSTimeLens extends TimeLens

    A function object to convert to and from times in the AWS billing format.

  2. object Amortizer

  3. object DateTimeUTC extends Serializable

  4. object DirUtils

  5. object OptionalArg

    Factory methods and implicit conversions from raw values and Option to OptionalArg

  6. object ProductToCSV

  7. object RegexImplicits

  8. object SampleSink extends Serializable

  9. object TimeUtils

  10. package VectorID

  11. object richslice

  12. package vectors